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Contact Taller Waller-Security Specialist



Contact Taller Waller-Security Specialist

Name:  Contact Taller Waller-Security Specialist
Address:  6 De Beer Street Alberton 1451
Telephone:  0826882365
Opening hours:  Always Open
Category:  Service




Call Us at Taller Waller-Security Specialist is the first line of defence in the protection of your home or business. It not only acts as a deterrent, but also provides an early warning system to alert you against intruders. Typically it constitutes the outer layer of a multi layered security system. Improving your security, starting with electric fencing, is one of the most important improvements you can make to your property. Taller Waller utilises the following other components in providing comprehensive domestic and business security systems.

Apart from Electric FencingPrecast WallingGate Motors and CCTV Cameras, Taller Waller also specialise in the following:

Precast walling and extensions

Alarm Systems, including outdoor beams

Gate Motor installations and repairs

Armed response  linkups


CCTV cameras

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